PQQ's - Pre Qualification Questionnaires
First things first. Many Clients and Main Contractors demand the completion of PQQ's before you can even get to price a job! This doesn't just mean completing a form - it means having the back up systems and documents in place to prove compliance. We can undertake this on your behalf.

Increasingly important, becoming essential, CHAS accreditation is often a pre-requisite for many public sector clients and main contractors. Again, not just the completion of several forms. You have got to have systems and documents in place that are robust enough to successfully undergo scrutiny. We can put these systems in place and make them as user friendly as practically possible. We will make your CHAS submission on your behalf (note that this is now an annual requirement), and help you to audit your systems to ensure your continuing compliance.

As a busy sub-contractor you often find time at a premium. Spending most of your time on site can mean estimating has to be done in the evenings or at
weekends. Many main contractors now just send out drawings and specifications, often enquiries are received via email, meaning valuable time is taken up printing drawings, then you have to do a take-off before you can even start pricing. If you are a specialist you may depend on other sub-contractors to price certain elements of the work, and hence you have got to send out your own enquiries and ensure you spend time chasing returns to meet tender deadlines.

We can offer to remove this burden from your workload. This will leave you more time to manage your current workload AND gives the opportunity, with our assistance, to price more work. At your choosing, we can:

  • Take over your estimating function in it's entirety - either in our name or your own
  • Prepare estimates for individual projects
  • Prepare estimates for parts of individual projects
  • Prepare take-offs and blank bills ofquantities
  • Prepare fully priced documents - just add your mark up
  • Submit tenders

We can site measure, prepare and submit interim and final accounts including dealing with Client / Main Contractor's quantity surveyor.


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